On 9th September the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Russian Federation Géza Andreas von Geyr was summoned to the Russian MFA. In the statement of the MFA of the Russian Federation from 9th September it is written that Russia expressed its resolute protest because of unfounded accusations and ultimatums of the Federal Government of Germany towards Russia in the context of the illness and hospitalisation of Russian citizen Aleksey Navalny and because of the obvious use by Berlin the situation created around him as the reason to discredit our country on the international arena.

The first manipulation of the Russian MFA is the fact of confusing the cause with the result. The statement is structured in the way that can give the reader the impression that the Federal Government of Germany looking for an excuse to discredit the Russian Federation on the international arena used “the illness and hospitalisation of Russian citizen” in Germany. We have to remind the facts: first of all, Aleksey Navalny did not fell sick on German territory and he was not admitted in the hospital in Germany for the treatment. The oppositionist was poisoned in Russia and he was admitted to German hospital in order to save his life. Before, for two days, he had been treated in the hospital in Omsk, but the doctors there arbitrarily excluded the poisoning. At the same time, independent Russian journalists pointed out that when the personnel of Omsk hospital was fighting for Navalny’s life and was putting the first diagnosis, which made it around the world, in the hospital chief physician Alexander Murakhovskyi’s office were present civilians. One of them was recognised as the head of Omsk region Ministry of Internal Affairs. Primarily, the hospital of Omsk was denying the permission to transport Navalny to the clinic in Berlin, what the oppositionist’s family requested. Therefore, no-one used the “illness” to discredit Russia, but the actions around Navalny and the fact, that in Germany it was finally proven that he had been poisoned with Novichok, makes Russia discredit itself.

In the MFA’s statement we also read:

The demand for substantive and detailed answer by the German side for the official application of the General Prosecutor of Russia from 27th August 2020 with all the medical data, including biomaterial, the examination results and the sample analysis in order to complex examination and verification by specialists was renewed.

The ambassador was instructed that the lack of those material will be consider the refusal of the Federal Government of Germany to establish the truth in the frames of objective investigation and its earlier and posterior actions concerning Aleksey Navalny – hostile provocation against Russia with all its gravity for the Russian-German relations and complications for international situation.

All the responsibility for the consequences of this policy will be attributed to the Federal Government of Germany and its allies in the NATO and the European Union. These are strong words. The fact of Navalny’s poisoning with the chemical agent which was used before in the attempt for the Sergey Skripal’s life, what the United Kingdom accused Russia for in 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation calls the hysteria. At the same time it is blackmailing the German government that it will recognised its actions as the provocation, consequences of which will suffer not only the Federal Government of Germany but also the NATO and the EU. It seems that the Russian Federation set the standards of its investigation to the limit, especially since the year 2010 and the catastrophe of the Polish aircraft with the President Kaczyński on board. At the time, there was no need to send any material for the investigation – on the contrary, all the biomatierial was sent back in soldered coffins. It is just a digression, though. The most important fact is that Germany has a chance to see how unstable partner the Russian Federation government is and maybe on the occasion of the Navalny case it will start to change its policy vectors. The first changes can be already observed.


Source: https://poland.mid.ru

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