On March 30 in social networks and on the news a photograph of some Crimean resident appeared, who is holding a Russian passport received a week ago. This picture came from a Facebook page of Dmitriy Tymchuk, the Head of the Center for military and political research. He pointed out that in the document it says “city of Sevastopol, Crimean oblast”.

паспорт крым2

Tymchuk thinks that this is where they meant to put residency information.

«Sevastopol doesn’t have a status of a federal city, which is seen on the stamp (he obviously has a residence registry at some Crimean oblast”); Crimean oblast is yet an non-existing object of a federation. This means that Russian fully ignores its own legislation in Crimea.” – wrote Tymchuk on his Facebook page.

This information was re-posted by many users of the social networks, as well as new web sites such as— «Ukrainska Pravda ».