Both the pizzeria and the media that allegedly published the news about this provocative ad refuted this information

Russian sources are sharing a photo of an advertisement allegedly created by the Roman pizzeria Locanda alla Romana. In it, they advertise their «new addition to the menu»  — a pizza called Diablo Zelenskyi, and the illustration depicts a dish with the remains of the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers. Propagandists claim that the ad has sparked a lively debate in the media — in particular, Il Fatto Quotidiano allegedly published a survey on how acceptable such ads are in public space.

However, this story is made up from beginning to end. Italian fact-checkers have found out that the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano has never published such a story, which was confirmed by the publication’s social media manager Vincent Russo. In addition, Locanda alla Romana also stated that it did not create such advertising, and there are no mentions of pizza called Diablo Zelensky in the restaurant’s social networks. The administration of the pizzeria has already contacted the police about this slander.

Russian propaganda regularly produces fakes about the alleged appearance of artworks or advertising offensive to Ukrainians in Europe. Recently StopFake debunked similar disinformation in the article Fake: Graffiti with the Severed Heads of Zelensky and Macron Appeared in Berlin — Deutsche Welle.