Russian TV channel Russia Today showed a story about a new Ukrainian supposedly anti-Semite government.

In particular they are telling about a desecration of a synagogue in Kiev and the fact that Jewish people are escaping the capital of Ukraine because of the fear of the new government. Also they mentioned a statement of a Chief Rabbi, where he claims that his synagogue is in danger as well as everyone who goes there.

Миша КапустинAs a proof they show pictures of a synagogue with “Death to the Jews” written in it. Moreover, they show parts of the interview with Misha Kapustin the Rabbi. He says “I don’t want to leave. But I want my children to feel safe, to feel free, and could express their views with no stress. That is why I am leaving”.

However, the message “Death to the Jews” was written on a synagogue in Simferopol, rather than in Kiev. It happened right after the “rescue” of Crimea by Russian military.

As it was previousely mentioned on Yaakov Dov Bleich – the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine – was talking about it. He pointed out that since the Independence of Ukraine there was no single case of intolerance towards Jews in Crimea. The first one happened after Russian military spreading on the peninsula. An unknown man wrote threats and drew swastika on the synagogue.

Misha Kapustin is a rabbi for that synagogue in Simferopol and not in Kiev. He is also an author of a call to save Ukraine from Russian occupation.

“Simferopol is our city and it is occupied by the Russian military! Help us, save our country, save Ukraine! Ask your government’s help. Against Russia we feelhelpless!”

Therefore, Misha Kapustin is packing his bags to escape the danger, coming from Russian soldiers.

Based on: Pavel Shekhtman