On October 19, the separatist news website Russkaya Vesna falsely reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had sharply criticized the Ukrainian government and predicted that there would be no future investment coming into Ukraine.  The bogus news item was created through the the distortion of a recent interview with her that is posted on her official website.

website screenshot "Russkaya Vesna"
website screenshot “Russkaya Vesna”

Contrary to the Russkaya Vesna report, in the interview Merkel actually compliments the Ukrainian government, saying:“Ukraine has a lot to do. The government headed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk courageously copes with its tasks.”

She also underscores Germany’s large investment in Ukraine, while pointing to the work that still needs to be done: “It is necessary to weaken the dominant role of oligarchs, to provide transparency and to fight corruption. These all are very important framework conditions. Investors – including German ones, the eighth largest investor in Ukraine – will pay attention to them.”

Here is the complete interview with Merkel regarding Ukraine: