NATO representatives did not make such statements. The video showing the Alliance’s logo was faked.

Information is being spread online that American instructors will allegedly teach employees of Ukrainian drafting office how to effectively compel Ukrainians using the Israeli krav maga hand-to-hand combat system.

A video with the North Atlantic Alliance logo claims that the United States decided to send its instructors to Ukraine after reports that «Ukrainians are fiercely resisting mobilization.»

In fact, the information that the drafting office employees will be trained in hand-to-hand combat to defend themselves against citizens is a falsehood, and the video is fake. 

To begin with, there is no such video on NATO’s official website or in their social media. The fact that American instructors will allegedly train representatives of the Ukrainian drafting office in the Krav Maga hand-to-hand combat system is also not reported by any credible media outlet.

The fact that the video is a fake is indicated by its design and video quality. First, the video uses completely different fonts than those used by the Alliance’s press service. Secondly, the NATO video has an animated Alliance icon, while the fake video does not. Thirdly, the video uses video fragments of different quality, which also indicates a «shoddy» work. 

To create the video, the propagandists used videos that have nothing to do with NATO and Ukraine and were published online long before Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. 

Earlier, StopFake journalists debunked the false information that a man in Bila Tserkva killed while being served drafting papers.