Considering the fact that there is no Lenin monument in Lvov for the last 20 years, you would think that just this fact would prove that this rumor is not true. However, people continue to spread it all over social networks, resenting “fascists from Lvov” and justifying Russia’s actions to protect the people in south-east and Crimea from these “fascists”.

This is a quote from one of the posts on social networks

“Today in my newsfeed I saw this picture and I was shocked! Some assholes were beating up an old lady. There was a bouquet of flowers laying next to her. Other assholes standing next to her were watching and laughing. It broke my heart. Under the picture it said the woman was going to put the flowers on the Lenin monument…and on the way ran up to these young Nazis.

In reality, this picture is from when there was a pageant in Lvov in 2009 during a procession against illegal immigration im Ukraine. The picture is taken from Lenta.ru report.



Based on “Italy in Russian”.