Russia’s largest “news” machine RT, or Russia Today as it was formerly known, published an article claiming that Victoria Nuland warned Russians about an inevitable attack by NATO.

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The source for this outrageous claim is once again the mysterious Tunisian mathematician calling himself Hannibal Genseric writing on the French citizen journalism aggregator site AgoraVox.

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Genseric writes that Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland demanded an unscheduled stop in Kaliningrad while flying from Vilnius to Berlin. Having landed in a Russian military airport, in an “agitated state” she demanded a meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Putin sent his adviser and Kremlin insider Vladislav Surkov instead, claims Genseric. During the meeting Nuland allegedly kept repeating “War is coming, war is at the gates!” and because Moscow had not kept its promises,  “Russia must now pay for everything.” The purpose of the meeting, claims Genseric, was to “warn the Russians about an inevitable NATO attack.”  Victoria Nuland’s meeting with Surkov was planned well in advance, even Russia’s Kommersant site wrote about it.

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Much of what Hannibal Genseric writes and Russian sites repeat about the Nuland-Surkov meeting is quoted almost verbatim from an English language article entitled Top Obama Official “Demands To Land” At Russian Military Base, Warns Of War which was published on a conspiracy site called What Does It All Mean.Com.





The author of this article is a purported seer called Sorcha Faal, a completely fictitious person who is suspected to really be American programmer David Booth, the owner of the What Does It All Mean site.

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