The pro-Russian, separatist website Russkaya Vesna posted a misleading news item entitled, «Poroshenko Got Confused and Admitted that a Federation is the Right Thing and a Unitary State Is the Wrong Thing». The article incorrectly states that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko believes that a federation is a better basis for government than a unitary state. website screenshot website screenshot

The piece was then reposted by Novosri DNR.

"website screenshot Новости ДНР"
website screenshot Novosri DNR

But this is what Poroshenko really said: Decentralization  produces not only social and economic effects. It has a geopolitical importance. It creates the political system that secures our civilizational distinction from authoritarian and hyper-centralized Russia, which is a federation only on paper.”

Let us recall that decentralization and federalization are different things. Poroshenko often stresses that Ukraine will remain a unitary state.