The relatives of the deceased Ukrainian soldier were not booed. The video where screams could be heard was taken at a protest near the Resurrection Church in the city of Krasyliv. The memorial service for the deceased Ukrainian soldier was held in the same city, but in the Holy Trinity Church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Ukrainian and Kremlin media, as well as social media users, began to spread false information that parishioners allegedly shouted “shame” to servicemen and relatives after the memorial service for the fallen Ukrainian soldier. As proof, they spread a video showing people in military uniform coming out of the church to these screams.

“In Krasyliv (Khmelnytskyi region) parishioners of the Russian Orthodox Church shouted “shame!” to the military and relatives of the deceased Hero, who were leaving the temple after the memorial service for the deceased, which was held by the Orthodox Church of Ukraine,” users write.

In reality, the event depicted in the mentioned video has nothing to do with the farewell ceremony for the fallen Ukrainian serviceman. On June 23, the Facebook page of the Krasyliv City Council published information that the memorial service for the deceased was held in the Holy Trinity Church of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. In the photos accompanying the publications, you can see the blue roof elements of the church located on Mykhailo Hrushevsky Street in Krasyliv.

The video with Moscow Patriarchate supporters, which is spreading online, was shot in the same city, but in a completely different place – near the Church of the Resurrection on Vasyl Stus Street. This is evidenced by identical domes, an arch and the color of the facade. On the same day, when the memorial service for the Ukrainian serviceman was held, supporters of the Moscow Patriarchate, who opposed its transition to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, gathered near this church.

Previously, StopFake refuted the information that the Ukrainian military in Kherson allegedly were ordered to shoot curfew violators on the spot.