The story is fake. Bloomberg has not published any such stories on its website or in its social media. Robert Kiyosaki has never publicly stated that aid to Ukraine is pointless.

Some netizens are spreading a video, allegedly released by the well-known American media company Bloomberg, that says economist and author of the bestselling book Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki allegedly called any financial injections into Ukraine “pointless.”

“He believes that helping Ukraine is like putting money through a shredder because Ukraine will disappear in the near future,” some netizens wrote.

In fact, this information is not true. The purpose of this fake is to undermine the partners’ trust in Ukraine and financial support for it.

The video being shared online imitates the design of Bloomberg’s videos. In particular, the company’s logo can be seen in the upper right corner of the video. However, neither the official website nor the social media of the American media company has such a video.

Although the propagandists use the media company’s logo, the inconsistency of the video’s design (font and lettering design) suggests that it is a fake. It should also be noted that Bloomberg publishes most of its videos without a logo.

If the publication uses other people’s videos or photos when creating a video, the source is always indicated in the story. The video being shared online is a compilation of various video clips from old interviews with Robert Kiyosaki, but the story does not contain any information about where these clips were taken from.

For example, a video clip in which Kiyosaki allegedly makes a statement about the futility of financial aid to Ukraine appeared online 4 months ago. In it, the economist talks about investing.

StopFake journalists have not been able to find any evidence that Robert Kiyosaki has publicly opposed financial aid to Ukraine. The last statements he made about Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine were in February and March 2022. Also, a fragment of Kiyosaki’s speech can be found online, where he said that his heart aches for Ukrainians suffering because of the war.
Earlier, StopFake journalists have already refuted similar fake videos in the pieces Fake: Ukraine Spent $1.2 billion on Fake Production in 2023 – BBC and Fake: Ukrainian Government Tried to Sell Scythian Gold at Sotheby’s – Bloomberg.