Ukrainian media has falsely reported that the Russian State Duma adopted a law that prohibits its citizens from leaving Russia. It is not the first time that the fake news has circulated recently.

On June 6, an Internet resource, Replyua, reported it, citing NTV. website screenshot website screenshot

The material was reprinted by several other sites, including the Daily News (though it later removed it). webpage screenshot (it was removed) webpage screenshot (it was removed)

The false news about the adoption of the Russian law was also carried by,, Pressa Today,, and; and it spread among social networks.

However, such news is absent on the NTV channel’s site according to a Stopfake investigation; and references in Ukrainian media to NTV do not contain screenshots or anything that can verify NTV as the source. In addition, the Russian State Duma has not put forward any legislation recently: according to the Duma website, its last meeting took place on May 22.

The false texts resemble news published on Golos Ameriki on May 20, 2015. Three sentences from Replyua coincide with the new text, and DailyNews used the same photo of Duma deputies.

copied sentences from VOA website
copied sentences from VOA website

Stories similar to these – about a prohibition on Russians leaving their country – have been popping up in Russian and Ukrainian media since the beginning of March 2015. The majority of these materials were accompanied with screenshots attributed to Lifenews.

Lifenews website screenshot
Lifenews website screenshot

However, we have not been able to find this material on Lifenews’ site or in its cache memory. It seems that Lifenews was not the source.

It was falsely reported on March 2-3 by DailyNews (later removing it), Antikor,, Rambler news, Vesti Podmoskovya, and others. website screenshot (it was removed) website screenshot (it was removed)

No such legislation appears on the site of the State Duma from the end of February through early March.