Russian NTV channel broadcasted this report on 1 March. It alleged that some “provocative forces” had attacked a building in Simferopol, Crimea’s capital. It claimed that some people had been wounded, including journalists (nothing too serous, the reporter added). In the end, local “self-defence units” and Russia-backed new regional government restored control over the situation, he said. Other Russian media carried similar reports about “Ukrainian extremists” shooting in Simferopol.

Some bloggers exposed this newscast as fabricated reality. They note that the “Ukrainian extremists” were armed too well, carrying bomb throwers GM-94. The model was developed for Russian elite task forces.

Two men lying motionless on the ground in the footage were apparently supposed to act dead. There is no blood around them.

Russian media also reported earlier there were casualties among the Russian-speaking population in Crimea. Russia’s consul general later denied this.