19 May 2014 web site Vesti.Ru reported a 14 years old schoolgirl committing suicide in Odessa on May 17. “Ukrainian web portal “Taimer” with reference to representatives of “Antimaidan” reports that she committed suicide because she had not been able to bear the burden of responsibility for taking active part in the events of Odessa Khatyn massacre. At the same time they do not claim the girl took part in preparing Molotov cocktails, ” – wrote Vesti.Ru.


Indeed, as was reported by Odessa news agencies, with reference to the eye witnesses, the schoolgirl had jumped off the roof of 9 story building. The suicide was confirmed in the local police department of Odessa.

However, the reasons for it have not been discovered by the Ukrainian police yet. While “Taimer” states a different reason for it: “According to TAIMER, the suicide had nothing to do with politics: she committed suicide because of the unfortunate love.”


“Taimer” in fact reported the girl taking part in the events of May 2. Yet, there is no evidence it had anything to do with her suicide.