On 19th December on the portal gloria.tv the article was published entitled “Tiffany Dover is dead! The death confirmed – see the photo base in the bottom” (the database of deaths of Cullman county – red.) The article is about the alleged death of an American nurse who was one of the first to get vaccinated on 17th December with Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine. Because the vaccination had place in front of cameras, everyone could see how a while after being given the jab, the nurse passed out. The situation caused an immediate flood of the comments. The speculations appeared that the vaccine is harmful, not tested enough and its effect is malaise and fainting.

Few days later on internet forums the link to aforementioned article on gloria.tv and posts suggesting that the vaccine kills started to appear. In the linked material (it was taken down, however there are still screenshots on the Web) there was an alleged obituary notice from the American press:

Tiffany Dover Death – Obituaries: Tennessee Nurse Dies After Covid Injection, Not Confirmed.

We are sorry to inform that the nurse Tiffany Dover allegedly died, according to the following reports published in social media and on other platforms on December 19, 2020.

According to the reports, Tiffany Dover, the nurse who had fainted on the TV after being given a vaccine shot. It is difficult to confirm it now, as we not that it would be the worst PR nightmare of the vaccines supporters and they will want to cover it.

Below there were the translated posts of American internet users:

Sikar: They are standing in front to block it, she’s dead and they are covering it PFIZER MUST PAY

Rick Grover: there is a post which has just appeared in her family’s social media, saying that she’s passed away

Claire Sloan Haight: I think that she’s passed away. If so, may her beautiful soul RIP. What a generous human who takes the risk for us all.

In fact Tiffany Dover from Chattanooga, Tennessee few minutes after being given the vaccine has passed out for a moment. She explains that she has a conditio that causes her to pass out when she feels pain.

“It’s a common reaction during vaccines and injections”, underlined the director of the emergency ward, Jesse Tucker M.D. for CNN.

(the quote according to Rzeczpospolita https://www.rp.pl/Covid-19/201219378-Koronawirus-USA-Pielegniarka-zemdlala-po-zaszczepieniu-na-COVID.html). The nurse is alive and well. In an official statement she has thanked everyone for the concern and asked for the respect