On March 14 Ukraina.ru featured a news item claiming that freedom of assembly is being curtailed in Ukraine.

Website screenshot Ukraina.ru
Website screenshot Ukraina.ru

Ukraina.ru claims that the UN High Commissioner for Human rights criticized the human rights situation in Ukraine, in particular law No. 3587 on peaceful assembly. The UN criticized this law because it can allow an arbitrary ban on demonstrations or restrict such meetings through court decisions, writes the website.


The Ukraina.ru story refers to the UN report on the human rights situation in Ukraine which does in fact address law No. 3587, a draft law was registered on December 7, 2015 and has not yet been passed. The draft generally meets required international standards, but does contain provisions which may curtail freedom of assembly.

“This is the wording of the UN report: “On 7 December 2015, the Parliament of Ukraine registered a draft law ‘On Guarantees for Peaceful Assemblies’. While it generally complies with international standards, it requires notification two days prior to assembly. Furthermore, the draft foresees judicial discretion in prohibiting rallies that threaten “public order and safety.”

This law has not been passed, but Ukraina.ru makes no mention of this and presents the legislation as a done deal.

The website, despite its name – Ukraina – is virulently anti-Ukrainian. Its stories always have a pro-Russian and pro-separatist leaning.

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