On June 23, Russian television channel LifeNews falsely reported that the Ukrainian authorities are allowing the military to sequester cars as needed from all Ukrainians during mobilization.


The report said: “Residents of Ukraine should give up cars for the period of mobilization… In the document it is specified that the authorities of the country can expropriate a car for the needs of the army from any Ukrainian for 30 days.”

On June 24, the Zvezda television channel reported that “the new wave of mobilization of equipment concerns not only legal entities, but also natural persons”.


In actuality, the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 405 of June 17, 2015 stated that for the period of mobilization, authorities may requisition vehicles from enterprises, institutions, and organizations only. Vladimir Kidan, the military commissioner of Kyiv, made this point on Ukrainian television on June 24. Taking cars from individual Ukrainians citizens is possible only in exceptional cases – for example, in the case that martial law is imposed (as stated in paragraph 2).

The director of scientific development for the Center of Political and Legal Reforms, Nikolay Havronyuk, told DW: “Article 41 of the Constitution defines two rules for the sequestering of private property: on condition of public need and the condition of initial and full compensation of their cost. The exception occurs under conditions of martial law or states of emergency, when full compensation must be made following the event, and not preceding it.” In any event, the state must fully compensate for any appropriation of property.