A picture is being spread very fast in the Internet showing a Ukrainian armored personnel carrier moving in a column with a swastika drawn on its turret.

For example, the website Novorus.info, which calls itself “Novorossiya’s central news agency”, and which was already found out in a lie by the StopFake team, reports the following:

“What can be drawn on a Ukrainian APC going to fight with its own citizens in Donetsk? The yellow and blue flag? The red and black flag of the “Rights Sector”? The flag of the European Union? The flag of the USA? The Nazi swastika!”


The same piece of “news” can be seen on a dozen of other sites and blogs. For example, here most of the commentators are filled with indignation because of the “unabashed impudence of the Ukrainian fascists”.


In truth this picture was made on April 16 by a Reuters photographer Marko Djurica near the town of Kramatorsk, and has no swastika whatsoever.


Here is the original picture on the Reuters website.


Here is the same picture on the website of RIA News agency, and here it is on the website of Russia Today.