On November 19, Ukrainian and Russian media falsely reported that Ukraine men under the age of forty-five would be forbidden from leaving Ukraine as of January 1, 2016.

The Ukrainian version of Izvestia cited Golos Pravdy as its source.

Golos Pravdy claimed that the alleged law was connected with a new cycle of conscripting soldiers in Ukraine: “The seventh wave of mobilization starts in January 2016, right after the holidays. This is not officially confirmed. But military registration and enlistment offices have already had their orders. An important detail: soldiers sign six month contracts, but because of the special period they are prolonged by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a one-way fashion. You have no choice but serve. This information we received from our sources in the Security Service of Ukraine.”

Website Screenshot Izvestia
Website Screenshot Izvestia

The false story was also carried by NA Khakov, Ukraina.ru, PolitRossia, Listok, and Zavtra.ua.

Website Screenshot NA Khakov
Website Screenshot NA Khakov
Website Screenshot Ukraina.ru
Website Screenshot Listok


There is no mention of such a draft on the website of the Ukrainian Parliament, however, and the Ukrainian General Staff has also claimed that the stories are fakes.