In a comment to StopFake, the resort’s press service denied the existence of such a service and noted that representatives of Territorial drafting centers have full access to the territory of Bukovel.

Russian mass media spread the news that one can “save themselves from mobilization” in the Ukrainian resort Bukovel.

“The media writes that hotel owners pay employees of the military commissariats so that they do not interfere with the VIP-guests who go skiing or snowboarding,” propaganda writes.

StopFake has reached out to the resort for comment. Bukovel representatives replied that these statements are fake.

“Representatives of Territorial drafting centers have full access to the territory of the resort,” the resort’s press service reported.

Bukovel’s press service also noted that the resort “is a significant taxpayer to the state and local budgets, which continues to support the economy of the state during the war”. Additionally, “thousands of Ukrainian soldiers undergo rehabilitation after the frontlines” on the territory of the resort and “thousands of jobs created by the resort and industries related to its operations give people from all over Ukraine the opportunity to support their families.”

The resort administration noted that this is not the first fake directed against them, which may indicate an organized information campaign. Earlier StopFake refuted similar disinformation that there was allegedly a line of cars lined up at the entrance to Bukovel — and the Territorial drafting centers did not check anyone.

The topic of mobilization to the Armed Forces occupies a special place in Russia’s information war against Ukraine. Kremlin’s propaganda tries to show that Ukrainian children and women began to be mobilized due to a personnel shortage, and that the Territorial drafting center is campaigning for the mobilization of the elderly.