This news is fake, as evidenced by numerous errors in the following  «document».

In pro-Russian sources are sharing a video, allegedly shot by the widow of a Ukrainian soldier. The woman complains that after the death of her husband, the local drafting office sent her a receipt demanding payment for the uniform and equipment that were allegedly worn by the soldier as he was killed. The amount to be paid is more than 227,000 hryvnias.

However, this video is a propaganda fake. This is evidenced by the characteristic pronunciation of the woman, who obviously is not a Ukrainian native speaker, and the unconvincing appearance of the «document» itself, which is shown in the frame. On the so-called receipt there is no no date, no seal, no proper explanation of what kind of document it is — in fact, it is simply a list of various categories of military ammunition with prices. Even in such a small text, the propagandists managed to make several mistakes: the word  «Ukraine» in the document is for some reason written in Russian, and  «Great Britain» is written not only in Russian, but also with a hyphen.

Moreover, the document was allegedly issued by the Kaniv District United Military Commissariat, an institution that has not existed since November 2020. Ukraine abandoned the system of military commissariats in the course of the reform, the goal of which was to get rid of the Soviet legacy and increase the efficiency of work with conscripts. Today, the Second Department of the Cherkasy Regional Territorial Center for Staffing and Social Support operates on the site of the former Kaniv Military Commissariat. It is headed by Major Roman Bohdan, and not at all  «N.M. Orel», as indicated in the so-called receipt. Finally, it is not clear on what grounds the drafting office would send such a receipt, because their function does not include providing military personnel with property.
This fake is part of the disinformation campaign that Russia is conducting against the mobilization measures in Ukraine. Read the refutation of the news on the same topic in the article Fake: Disabled Ukrainian Dies a Few Days After the Violent Mobilization.