The document on the video is fake. It does not match the official sample of the drafting paper. The graphs  are incorrectly indicated and the text is full of errors. Most likely, this video was created as a provocation.

A video is circulating on anonymous pro-Russian channels, which states that now Ukrainians will allegedly be sent to serve in Israel. The video’s author shows the drafting papers on camera. The paper says that according to Article 2 of Ukraine’s Law “On Refugees and People in Need of Additional or Temporary Protection” he was allegedly drafted to the volunteer battalion to support the Israeli population.

However, this information is not true. The document on the video is not a real drafting paper, and the video itself was most likely recorded as a provocation.

First of all, the video is shared mainly through pro-Russian Telegram channels. An anonymous TikTok user with the nickname @userfdf6hhs8ws was the first to post this video online. Many of the videos on this account link to the Telegram channel Ukr_G_M, which is an Ukrainophobic source that regularly spreads disinformation about Ukraine.

The document on the video was most likely forged. Firstly, the drafting paper is an official document regulated by the Decree of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers dated December 7, 2016 On the approval of the Procedure for the organization and maintenance of military records of conscripts. The official drafting paper samples can be found in Appendix No. 24 to this Resolution. The form of the drafting papers was last redacted on January 26, 2022, when the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers made relevant changes to some regulations regarding the performance of military duty and keeping military records.

Currently the drafting paper looks like this:

The document in the video mentions Article 2 of the Ukrainian Law On Refugees and People in Need of Additional or Temporary Protection instead of Article 1 of the Law of Ukraine On Military Duty and Military Service. However, this law has nothing to do with military service, and Article 2 generally refers to the legal framework for refugees and persons in need of additional or temporary protection.

Moreover, in the column where the name of the territorial staffing and social support center should be indicated, the fake’s authors put the Ukraine’s Security Service in Odesa region, which does not match the mobilization procedure.

At the bottom of the document, you can see an alleged signature of Dmytro Koltsun, the head of the Primorsky district recruitment and social support center. Yet currently, the military commissar of the Primorsky district is Colonel Oleksiy Oskilko. His predecessor was Colonel Oleg Loban. A person named Dmytro Koltsun can indeed be found online. He is the head of several public organizations, but not an employee of the drafting office. 

The man in the video claims that he just received this drafting paper. But this statement is also false. The video clearly shows that the man is holding a form consisting of two parts – a drafting paper and a receipt. If he had actually received the summons, the bottom part of the form (receipt) would have been missing. According to the procedure, after a citizen signs his drafting paper, the receipt is detached from the form and stored in the personal file of the conscript.

Propagandists have made pathetic attempts to falsify official documents of the Ukrainian authorities before. StopFake journalists analyzed similar cases in the stories Fake: Draft Notices Handed Out to Minors in Ukraine, Fake: Drafting Papers Issued to Ukrainians in Poland and the UK, Fake: Ukrainian Soldiers Issue a Capture Ticket for Zelensky.