Russia’s propagandist network RT is once again portraying the United States as enemy number one, that is destabilizing the world. This time America’s alleged destabilization is limited to the Black Sea region, whereas Russia, of course, is only interested in ensuring the region’s well-being.

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According to a new report from the RAND Corporation, it is Russia that is destabilizing the Black Sea region, having used military force against other countries in the region four times since 2008. Russia is “using informational, economic, energy, and clandestine instruments to advance its goals of transforming the Black Sea, along with the Sea of Azov, into virtual internal waterways” the report says.

RT cites several Russian experts who claim that through this report, the RAND Corporation is attempting to show Black Sea countries as “a territory in which Russia is conducting a hybrid war and adaptive strategies. Everything is really the other way around, these ‘experts’ argue, it is in Russia’s interest to ensure the Black Sea region’s stability and prosperity, while US and NATO actions are provocative for the Black Sea region and relations with Russia.


The RAND report Russia, NATO, and Black Sea Security Strategy analyzes military developments and Russian influence and strategy in the region, and makes recommendations for a strategy to protect the interests of the Black Sea countries in the face of these threats. 

One of the main conclusions of the paper is that Russia has a goal, to restore its influence and control in this area.

“The region experienced two decades of simmering conflicts even before Moscow’s illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014, and Russia has used military force against other countries in the region four times since 2008” the report summarizes.

Among the recommendations presented in the paper:  a better integrated strategic communication effort, countering cyber and hybrid threats, a credible and sustainable military deterrent posture such as deploying advanced air defense and coastal defense systems in Romania and Bulgaria to counter Russian offensive missile threats and promote regional cooperation.