Berlin police refuted this information and suggested that the photo and video of the alleged incident had been edited.

Unknown people allegedly illuminated the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin with Soviet symbols – such news spread in the Russian social networks segment. This allegedly happened right before May 9, and the projection itself depicts the so-called Victory Flag: the assault flag of the 150th division, adopted in the USSR and Russia as a symbol of Victory over Nazism. It is noteworthy that this symbol is being used by the Russian army during the invasion of Ukraine. According to the propagandists, the Berlin police have launched an investigation into the incident.

However, this story is made up, and none of the German media reported on such an incident. StopFake contacted the Berlin police to verify the information and received a response that “according to all information available to the Berlin police, the video and photo of the so-called Brandenburg Gate projection circulating on social media is an optical/graphical fake.”

As a reminder, earlier the Berlin police banned the use of Russian and Soviet symbols at gatherings commemorating the end of World War II near Soviet memorials.

StopFake previously denied the information that Ukrainian men in Germany are being recruited into the Armed Forces in exchange for citizenship.