Russian TV channel «Russia-24» showed a report, revealing people who had been supposed to be paid for taking part in activities on Maidan Nezavisimosti in Kiev, but were never paid.

A part of the dialogue in the report shows a young man being explained that from Maidan Self-defence he was transferred to Right Sector. This is stated as the very reason why the man did not receive his payment. Also the report features a speech of a man, who insists that 12 thousands grivnas from Maidan were given to some Kasatkin, who was supposed to keep them safe, but stole them instead.

However, the video of the report has been edited. The full version shows that the scandal is not about some “payment” for participating in Euromaidan, but about donations for treating the wounded and burying the killed maidan participants, for which representatives of Kremenchug maidan could not report.

In addition, the money from donations were supposed to be spent for equipment and food for maidan participants. According to Vitaly Mukhin, a representative from the Right Sector, most of the money from donations was stolen:

Besides the young man who said he was a member of Maidan Self-defence was angry because he had not been allowed to attend the press conference, not because he hadn’t been paid. The organisers claimed only journalists and leaders of Self-defence units were allowed to take part in the press conference. At the same time, the member of Self-defence demanded a report on how the money for treating the wounded and buying bullet-proof vests had been spent.