Zaporizhzhia city government has opted to abandon using Ukrainian on its official internet page, writes the website Holos Pravdy. As practically all local media are in Russian, it would be awkward for journalists to have to translate information from Ukrainian, explains Holos Pravdy.

Website Screenshot Holos Pravdy

The source for this fake story is Iryna Yarko, a local activist who is campaigning for wider use of Ukrainian in Zaporizhzhia city government business.

In a Facebook post Yarko writes that she received a letter from the Zaporizhzhia press and information office explaining that while the news section of the city’s website is currently only in Russian, a new bilingual Ukrainian/Russian site will be launched soon.  In the letter, written in Ukrainian, the press and information office director H. Prostakov assures Yarko that all official city government information is only in Ukrainian.


There is no mention of any rejection of the use of Ukrainian in official Zaporizhzhia city business.