Video, entitled “Luhansk. Furious fighting for the city. 08.16.2014”, is being actively spread around news portals and social networks. The video shows the bombardment of Ukrainian city of Luhansk. website screenshot website screenshot

Initially this video was published on the Youtube channel Ukraine Today (UK) on August 16 with the title “Luhansk. Furious fighting for the city”. Description under the video says: “House-to-house combats have been fighting near the center of the city since approximately 9 pm. Ukrainian storm troops are breaking to the center of Luhansk”.

However, this video was filmed at least one month ago. For example, it could be found in Youtube with the date of publication July 14, 2014 (video from Luhansk starts from 1:34).

Besides, inadequacy of the date “August 16” could be revealed without the original. Since 0:14 a full moon could be seen in the video.

Youtube website screenshot
Youtube website screenshot

In the night of August 16 moon was not full, but in decrement. Full moon can be seen on August 10, July 12, June 13. website screenshot website screenshot