Alex Exler writes in his blog (rubric: Honduras):
My friends from Lithuania sent me a link to a peculiar video of “First Channel”(RU), in which starting from 1.33 sec. the story goes about a “secret base” in Lithuania, where the “Maidan militants are trained.”

The story is made very simple – following the trend of modern “zombie-TV” (Russian TV broadcasting state propaganda): a voice-over tells how Maidan militants are prepared in Lithuania under the guise of some seminars, meanwhile on the screen we see a house with a street sign in Lithuanian (by the way, that comic inscription was close in meaning to “mother f*”, but actually addressing a father – that’s a secret base, everything is serious out there). So “First Chanel” crew suddenly shows up trying to get into one of the buildings.The owner, who apparently knows what “First Chanel” represents, suggests they’d better get the hell out of his property. That’s it.

Сюжет Первого канала Россия

Of course, it works as a 100% proof that this is a secret base, where gunmen for Maidan are trained. No doubt. But the funny thing is that my friends from Lithuania perfectly know this place. It is a vacation house Aerodream. Last year I stayed in the neighborhood during a trip around Lithuania. The vacation house is either targeted on Russian tourists – the website of AeroDream either has a Russian version. So, of course, it IS a secret base for training militants. Welcome, you’ll be well-trained, caught up and even better trained.
P.S. Our damn propagandists can’t properly make even a very cheesy story. It will cost them nothing but to dress up a couple of cameramen into yellow-and-blue sports-suits, film them sitting at the desk (no need to go to Lithuania), show it altogether with a scary voice-over attached: “You’re observing a training of Maidan gunmen on a secret base in Lithuania” Plus add cut-in shots of street signs somewhere in Kaunas.
That’s it .The audience happily left for home.
Instead they broke into a modest vacation house and got kicked out. Happy ending. No intrigue, no captivating video. Where did professionals go? Even I would make a better story about a secret terrorist training camps in Spain (The EU’s crafty designs, of course): it is enough to visit any pub and start filming. Here they are, gunmen, enjoying jamón (Spanish jam) and wine before going to Ukraine.