It was Maria Vladimirovna Tsypko, an infamous howler from Odessa, known for touring with an anti-Maidan campaign throughout the cities of the South-East, showing up in Crimea and now residing in Moscow, who was the main organizer of a strange Sunday event in the capital named as the referendum voting on the secession of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions from Ukraine, reports the media outlet “Russian Monitor”. She was named as an organizer by everyone, from the vice-chairwoman of the ‘commission’ till the local prefect who arrived at the unusual event.


During the voting itself the lady was walking through the extemporary street “polling station” with a ‘coordinator’ badge on, posing with great pleasure for the journalists, as well as telling she was from Luhansk and organized the coting here.


Upon arrival of representatives of the LDPR party that partially sponsored the event, the lady suddenly started cursing them. Tsypko was recalling that, when she lived in an LDPR hostel in Moscow, she did not get sufficient support to overcome a psychological trauma caused by her movement from Odessa, from where she was chased away by the “Banderovits” and “CIA agents”. This is when the woman was fully identified by the “Russian Monitor” reporter and other media representatives.

After the voting, when the activity moved to a sort of headquarters of Cossacks in Molodyozhnaya Street, Mrs. Tsypko completely stopped being ashamed and started managing actively the whole ‘commission’. After this all pressmen were kicked away without recording the counting of ‘votes’.

Let us remind that already reported twice about Maria Tsypko. First, when we noticed that the same people were taking part in the pro-Russian rallies in Ukraine. And second, when the woman sought aid from Russia in the role of an “Odessite”.

Source: Russian Monitor.