On the 17th March Nikita Safronenko posted on his facebook page that the self proclaimed government in Crimea is supposedly starting an ethnic cleanse.

He wrote “So called Crimean self-defense began to execute unwritten order under the name of “Big Cleaning”. The purpose of the operation is to significantly change the ethnic composition of the Crimean peninsula. Operation targets are Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians”.

This information was illustrated with a picture of armed men next to dead people shot in the head.

Blood and Honey

However, this picture was not made in Crimea. The author of this photo is Ron Haviv. He took this picture during the war in Bosnia. These are civilians Bosnian Muslims that died in the first battle for Bosnia on the 31st March 1992.

We do not have neither confirmation nor disproof of the information about the ethnic cleanse in Crimea. However, considering the fact that the news was mentioned just by one source that did not provide any proof whatsoever we doubt it can be true.

Update: Later the author edited his post saying that the picture is from Bosnia. He used it because he did not have any photo proof yet. According to his words the photo reflects on the scenario and the situation overall.