Information about putting mines in some settlements, dams or other facilities in the Kherson region was not confirmed.

This was announced by Vladimir Mikolaenko, who is the Acting Mayor of Kherson. You can watch his announcement in his video.

“With regard to information about land mines, the fields behind Chongar being dug up, and signs put up warning about mined fields there were no actions conducted with respect to mines in the Kherson region. Any information about planting mines in settlements, dams or other facilities in the Kherson region has not been confirmed,”- that is what he told us about the situation as of 17:00, March 9, 2014 in the village Chongar, which is situated on the border between the Crimea and Kherson region.

We would like to remind you that on March the 8th, the employees of the village council reported that the Russian troops entered Chongar and were putting mines the fields behind this settlement.

As Vladimir Mikolaenko told us, “there is Russian military cordon stationed behind Chongar on the border of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.  The military has no insignia. In front of them, closer to Kherson Area, there are Crimean special forces “Berkut”, which still recognizes President Yanukovych. From the direction of Kherson there is a Ukrainian military cordon positioned there. That is to say, Ukrainian and Russian troops are separated by “Berkut” – the former Ukrainian special forces.

As explained by the Acting Mayor of Kherson, the positions of the troops are static, the Russian military is not trying to cross the border and there were no attempts of assault from their side.

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“At the same time, from non-official sources we know that the Russian military positioned near the village Chongar and in Crimea are trying to provoke a conflict with the locals. Up until now they haven’t succeeded in their attempts to provoke a confrontation. Residents of Chongar ignore the military men”- he said.

Based on: LB.