The appeal of Ukrainian activist to the world explaining what is happening in Kyiv and why, the journalist of “Komsomolskaia Pravda” denounced a Hollywood production .Various statements such as “I immediately realized that they were specially trained people ” can be found in comments to the video.

In fact , despite the two authors’ correct names are mentioned in the material, the whole story is completely fictional . First of all, the girl in the video is really Ukrainian . Her name is Julia Marushevska, she is a graduate student of one of Kyiv universities .Together with her husband and family she was on Independence Square from almost the first days of the protest.

Secondly, ” a specially hired professional photographer of glossy magazines”, a British citizen Graham Mitchell says of himself as simply a photographer living in Kiev, who just decided to help a friend: ” My friend Julia was very upset after the first shootings on Hrushevskoho . She asked me to help her to make a video . So there we went to Hrushevskoho . It was -16, the police shot in the back … And we made this video . Then she sent it to her friend in the United States so he could edit it . Actually it is a very simple story , in which two people wanted to tell the world an important story , “- says Graham .

Another name mentioned the material of “Komsomolskaia Pravda” is the one of Ben Moses, who is indeed a friend of Julia . According to her, they met last year during documentary film festival «Docudays.UA» held in Kyiv and began to chat . Ben brought to the festival his documentary film “A Whisper to a Roar »

” Back then I wrote to Ben saying I just didn’t not know what else can happen if Yanukovych ordered to shoot people. And Ben said to me – can you imagine , that we here don’t know anything about it . The whole world does not know about it . Do something to spread this information”- says Julia.
Then she decided to make this video, turned to a friend photographer for help- to Graham Mitchell . The video was shot by a wrecked hospital near the place where people were killed, . “And I sent these raw video pieces to Ben and said it was all I managed to do . And just within the weeks Ben edited it, included the videos of developments , ” – she adds.

Also, she believes it is a total nonsense to attribute to the video the names of American professors, political consultants and so on . “I wrote the text myself and I think it is so obvious that every old lady on Maidan would have written just the same text at that moment ” – said Julia.