Russian human rights activist Elena Vasilieva published on her website information that 11 bodies of soldiers perished in Ukraine had been allegedly delivered to Orenburg Region.


In support of her words Vasilieva published a photo of an extract from the order of the military unit №12128 (Totskoye-4) that made it clear that perished soldiers had been dismissed backdating from the Russian Army.


This information has been disseminated by dozens of Ukrainian and Russian websites.

However, Elena Vasilieva’s information is quite doubtful. The matter is that the list published by her contains names of footballers who played for the first team of FC Gazovik in 2008 and for the second team (FC Gazovik-2) in the current year.

FC Gazovik in 2008:

  1. Karpukhin Viktor Anatolievich, date of birth 12.27.1989, forward, played for FC Gazovik Orenburg. At present moment plays for FK Nosta Novotroitsk. Journalists of the site managed to communicate with Viktor Karpukhin. He was surprised by the information about him taking part in the combat actions in Ukraine and explained that he is in Novotroitsk now.
  2. Surkov Nikita Vladimirovich, date of birth 08.11.1987, defender, played for FC Gazovik Orenburg.
  3. Glushchenko Vitaliy Aleksandrovich, date of birth 03.17.1985, midfielder, played for FC Gazovik Orenburg.
  4. Nikulin Aleksandr Pavlovich, date of birth 02.14.1979, midfielder, played for FC Gazovik Orenburg.
  5. Mylnikov Nikolay Vladimirovich, date of birth 09.13.1977, midfielder, played for FC Gazovik Orenburg. Nikolay Mylnikov also commented on this information.
  6. Dymov Sergey Viacheslavovich, date of birth 07.11.1975, defender, played for FC Gazovik Orenburg.

Players of FC Gazovik-2:

  1. Gamov Vladislav Yevgenievich, date of birth 10.02.1993, midfielder, FC Gazovik-2 Orenburg.
  2. Gamov Sergey Sergeyevich, date of birth 07.06.1995, midfielder, FC Gazovik-2 Orenburg.
  3. Sorokin Yevgeniy Andreyevich, date of birth 11.28.1995, defender, FC Gazovik-2 Orenburg.
  4. Abramov Dmitriy Alekseyevich, date of birth 02.10.1994, forward, FC Gazovik-2 Orenburg.