StopFake team considers it is important to mention that we have suspicions towards Russian media statements, especially LifeNews, regarding events in Slovyansk, because we feel like they have used extremely dubious arguments. However, the main argument that is currently used against LifeNews is not correct either.

Opinion that states that the story about shooting in Slovyansk was uploaded on Youtube on the 19th April, when the actual events happened on the 20th April around 2 a.m. is spreading very fast. Underneath this video it shows that the upload date was 19th April.


This is a Youtube feature – it shows a date of any publication according to Californian time (Pacific daylight, UTC -7), because this is where Google’s headquarters are located. You can find more details on this forum!topic/youtube/41autLEJ8xM.

It is possible to check the correct date of the publication using Youtube API service if you follow this link

We are interested in this information in the beginning of the code «uploaded»:»2014-04-20T05:22:58.000Z»


This shows that the video was uploaded on the 20th April at 05:22:58 according to the 000Z time format, which means zone UTC+0. Time in Moscow is UTC+4, therefore the video was uploaded at 9.22 according to the time in Moscow. The difference between the time in Moscow and Pacific daylight is 11 hours (UTC+4 against UTC-7) that is why at the time of publication it was still the 19th April at Google’s headquarters.

On the actual website the story was published at 8.53, therefore, it was on Youtube half an hour after that.