A video called «Tank, Luhansk, 6 May» appeared on YouTube site. The video features several people starting a tank and riding it down the street. The author of the video claims the action took place in Luhansk and the armoured vehicle is to be used by separatists in their fight against Kyiv military forces.

The tank has side number 237 and a red star on the turret – the Soviet army symbol.

«The legendary tank from the Great Patriotic War times, which stood on the plinth near “Sharp Tomb” memorial in Luhansk. The tank has been repaired. The tank from the times of the Great Patriotic War is now running once again! Thanks to Sasha Tkachenko [Luhansk mayor deputy Aleksandr Tkachenko – Stopfake.org] and all the people who restored the tank and granted it a second life! » – wrote the author of the video.

The video was posted on nationalists’ public in vKontakte «Sputnik i Pogrom», receiving over 120 thousand views.

In addition, the tank of separatists received the attentionof several web sites.

While in fact, the video features the tank thatwas repaired in 2013 for the money of non-governmental organisation of war veterans «Kaska» under the direction of Aleksandr Akulov and under the patronage of Luhansk mayor Sergei Kravchenko. Back then, the city authorities had come up with the idea of restoring the armoured unit «to preserve the historical heritage and pass on the memories of the soldiers’ great feat in the years of the Great Patriotic War».  When the repairs were over, the tank was running and took part in the celebration of 70 years anniversary of liberation of Luhansk Oblast from Nazi occupants, after which it was put back on the plinth for the Tankman Day.

It was then that the mechanics said the tank was running but all the armaments were non-functioning. In other words, shooting the cannon was impossible.

This year the local authorities decided to take it from plinth once again, to use it in the celebration of May 9. It was prepared for it by the same organisation “Kaska”. As reported by Luhansk mayor deputy Aleksandr Tkachenko.


May 8, 6:00 AM tank drove to the Luhansk Oblast Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) building. As reported by representatives of the so-called “Southeast Army”. The report about them stealing the tank followed. However, it was merely moved to change the starting point, as reported by lg.vgorode.ua portal, with reference to “Southeast Army” representatives.

– Tomorrow, on May 9 the tank will ride through the city. If the engine starts. The exact time will be known in the afternoon today, but so far its start is said to take place at 9:00 AM. It starts from here, where the barricades are. – reported a representative of the “army”.

Therefore, separatists did not repair the tank, cannot wage war on it or even use it for joy rides, as the city authorities already put it back on the plinth. As was reported by Luhansk mayor deputy Aleksandr Tkachenkoon his Facebook page . “The tank returned to its place. By itself”, – he wrote.

In addition, Tkachenko posted a video featuring tank moving down the Oboronnaia Street along with several police cars towards its plinth near the “Sharp Tomb” memorial. “The tank is returning to its place. Its speed is impressive… Colonel Akulov’s specialists did a great job!” – he wrote.