A video appeared on the Internet, which is said to show how pro-Russian activists shot down Ukrainian Air Force helicopter during the storming of Kramatorsk airport on April 15 2014. It is  titled «Helicopter shot down in Kramatorsk 15.04.2014».


Yet, no comments from the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine are available about it.

However, it is doubtful if the video is genuine. To start questioning it, one could watch another video, titled «Syrian rebels shoot down helicopter», published on February 26 2013.

The video was published on YouTube by Syrian rebels. It shows a military operation of air defence battalion of the Free Syrian Army near Aleppo. The video features one of the rebels shooting down Syrian Air Force helicopter with a «surface-to-air» missile. Some seconds after the missile is launched, the rocket hits the target, the pilot loses control and the helicopter  falls down.

The videos are in fact identical. Only the soundtrack is different.