On the 4th of March ligenews.ru announced an urgent message about readiness of Ukrainian soldiers and local population to defend Crimea .

Supposedly 3 Ukrainian air defense regiment, 800 soldiers and officers announced this message. Lifenews.ru website also announced, that military regiments, located in Evparotia, Feodosia and Fiolenta changed over into Crimea’s side. Earlier on, 30 Ukrainian air-defense crews already took the side of Crimea,  says lifenews.ru

Aleksandr Markin, executive of military base in Sevastopol #4416 disproved this information “We were offered to take the oath to Crimean government or Russian Federation – whatever we considered necessary. But none of the naval bases of Ukraine accepted the offer: all of us already swore fealty to the people of Ukraine. We are ready to defend our country to the last”.

You can find more about the situation in Crimea here — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoZMqOblvgs (video hromadske.tv, journalist Bogdan Kutepov)