Minister Reznikov did not make such statements in his interview with the Nashe Vremya media outlet, but only said that this counteroffensive would not be a lightning campaign like the Kherson and Kharkiv campaigns, and that Ukrainian commanders would gradually accomplish their tasks.

Russian Telegram channels, followed by Russian media, spread information that Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov allegedly said that one should not expect too much from the Ukrainian counteroffensive and that the Russians had the opportunity to prepare for it. The propagandists also add that the minister allegedly could not answer clearly when asked how many Leopard tanks had been lost, and “only vaguely said that everything was being repaired.”

Propaganda has once again used an interview with a government official to distort the original content, take it out of context, and spread the narrative they want – the Ukrainian counteroffensive will not be successful, and that even the Ukrainian government itself has confirmed this.

We are talking about an interview with Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov to the Nastoyaschee Vremya, in which he spoke about the results of the Ramstein meeting, as well as about the Ukrainian army’s counteroffensive.

Reznikov was asked how he assessed the current offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and the minister replied:

This is a war. And you can’t sit around the TV and think: “Oh, now our people will win! Come on, come on, why aren’t you winning? Hooray!” It doesn’t work like that. I think that the reason for the overestimation and high expectations of the counteroffensive is related to the events of last fall. Let me remind you that there were two campaigns in the fall — Kherson and Kharkiv. The Kharkiv operation was very fast, successful, and unexpected for the enemy, for the international community, and for many Ukrainians in particular. It was a well-thought-out military operation, well planned and implemented. The Russians were not ready, so we successfully reached the Oskol River. Kherson, on the other hand, was slower to move. The terrain, weather conditions and many other things are completely different. So now it is impossible to expect everything to happen as quickly as it did with Kharkiv. The front line is completely different, as are the terrain and weather conditions. Plus, the Russians had the opportunity to prepare. The density of minefields there is incredible. And unlike the Russians, the Ukrainians are saving the lives of their soldiers. Russians use their soldiers as cannon fodder. They use meatgrinder tactics and grind their resources… But for us, unlike them, the main value is the life and health of our defenders. That is why we do not use meatgrinder tactics. Our officers and commanders maneuver, look for opportunities, and move carefully. I propose not to rush them, not to push them, they are doing their job. And they will do it.

Thus, Reznikov was only saying that it would not be a lightning campaign like the Kherson and Kharkiv campaigns and that Ukrainian commanders would gradually accomplish their tasks.

The minister did not really answer the question about the number of Leopards lost, nor whether the main attack had already taken place, explaining that work was underway, damaged equipment was being repaired, but plans would not be publicly disclosed.

Earlier, StopFake refuted the fake that the West needs to plan Ukraine’s future as if it had already failed a counteroffensive, as well as the manipulation that President Zelenskyy was afraid to declare a counteroffensive.