A video spread online shows a small-scale protest against the EU and NATO by French right-wing radicals from the nationalist Patriots party. However, nowhere in the videos are there any calls for Macron not to send French troops to Ukraine. In fact, neither in Paris nor in France as a whole has there been any significant action against the possible deployment of French troops to Ukraine.

Social media and Russian websites spread information that the French allegedly protested “after President Macron’s resonant statement about the possibility of sending troops to participate in the Ukrainian conflict.”

“Macron, go to Ukraine yourself, the participants chanted.” “The protesters tore up the flags of NATO and the EU, accusing them of international aggression. They reminded the president of the French constitution. Macron forgets that he must at least appeal to parliament to get involved in a war,” social media users report, posting two short videos with the logo of the Russian news site RIA Novosti to prove their point.

In fact, neither Paris nor France as a whole has seen any significant action against the possible deployment of French troops to Ukraine. The video shows a small protest against the EU and NATO by French right-wing radicals from the Patriots party.

Several dozen people with French flags can be seen in the video, and a large orange banner with the words “Loyer electricite impots. Sortons de l’UE: Frexit” (“Rent, electricity, taxes. We are leaving the European Union: Frexit”). Also on the right side of the banner is the inscription “Les Patriots” (“The Patriots”). From what we have seen, the action is actually a small-scale demonstration of the French nationalist and radical anti-European political party Patriots. The color of this political force is orange, and some demonstrators can be seen carrying orange umbrellas.

The Patriots party was founded by the former vice president of the French Front National Florian Philippot and registered on September 29, 2017. The party strongly advocates France’s withdrawal from the European Union (Frexit), the Eurozone and NATO, and is characterized by a loyal attitude towards Russia. Representatives of this political entity are also extreme right-wing populists, conspiracy theorists, and anti-vaccinationists. As of 2021, the party had approximately 22 thousand members. In the 2019 European Parliament elections, the Patriots won only 0.65% of the vote and did not receive a single seat in the EU Parliament. In the 2021 national elections, the Patriots also received a small number of votes.

In the published videos, the demonstrators do shout anti-European and anti-American slogans, tearing EU and NATO flags on stage, but nowhere in the video are there calls for Macron not to send French troops to Ukraine or the words “Macron, go to Ukraine yourself,” as reported by Russian publics and media. Instead, the slogans “Vive la Résistance! Vive la France!” – “Long live the resistance! Long live France!” (in the video at 00:10-00:12).  
Thus, the Russian media is once again making wishful thinking after French President Emmanuel Macron said that sending French troops to Ukraine cannot be ruled out. Russian propaganda is trying to show that Europeans are holding mass demonstrations against such a move. However, Russia illustrates its narrative not with real protests, but only with small gatherings of French right-wing radicals who oppose the EU and NATO. StopFake continues to debunk similar fakes in its pieces: Fake: Germany Will Impose Severe Financial Restrictions on Ukrainian Refugees, Fake: Pentagon Uncovered Ukrainian Military Supplies Corruption, Manipulation: Ukraine Will Sign Security Agreements With US Only “If They Give Us Money” – Kuleba.