There has been a photograph spread over the Internet which allegedly depicted the Russian tanks, standing near the Ukrainian border. Particularly popular screenshot was made by a certain user from Kyiv Hennadiy D, who states that photo was taken on March 13 in the city Sudzh of Kursk Region in Russia, which is eight kilometers away from the Ukrainian border.

This poster also encourages Russians in Moscow to use the situation and seize the Kremlin.


Besides social networks, the same picture message was spread in the media. For example, on March 13th American Washington Free Beacon used the photograph to illustrate their story about preparation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It also states that the photo was made near the Ukrainian city of Sumy.

In fact, this picture was taken by photographer Igor Zarembo for the Russian news agency RIA Novosti back on 28th of February in the Kaliningrad region. In the description of the photo it says: “Loading of the Baltic Fleet tank battalion infantry brigade on the railway platforms for relocation to the designated exercise area in Gusev, Kaliningrad region.”

You can read the full description of the photo here.

P.S. Этой новостью StopFake ни коим образом не утверждает, что возле украинских границ нет российских войск, как и не говорит об их наличии там.