Several Russian information resources, in particular, Lifenews and, reported that Ukraine has allegedly resold rations sent from the United States as humanitarian aid.


Overall, the humanitarian help consisted of 25,000 MRE boxes (Meal, ready-to-eat), or 330 thousand sets. The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces promised that American rations will soon be distributed to military units.
“The advert about the sale of the American army rations appeared on the Internet on March 29th, in particular, on the website – at 142 and 109 hryvnia per pack. A lot of the sale is also conducted on online store UNIMA. Dealers warn that US military MRE can not be sold to civilians officially, as flameless heater is forbidden for transportation by airmail. And, therefore, it is much easier to buy the dry rations in Ukraine than ordering them from overseas,”- claims website

However, this information is untrue.
Both websites sell dry rations, however have denied any link between their products and humanitarian aid received from the United States for the Ukrainian army. “DUE TO PLENTY OF FALSE INFORMATION, WE INFORM THAT WE COOPERATE WITH US WEBSITE REGARDING SUPPLIES OF AMERICAN DRY RATIONS: We do not sell or buy any dry rations which are part of humanitarian aid,”- wrote the sellers.


Besides, the company UNІMA has been selling dry supplies, emergency supplies for refugees and other food products with increased shelf life since 2010, not since recent times when Ukraine has gained support from America.