Russian television channel NTV showed a «sensational confession of a German citizen» Andrei Petukhov, who brought 500 thousand Euros to Nikolaev Maidan and trained a group of 50 people from Western Europe for a military action.

The «German», claiming he left Ukraine back in 1992 and went to Germany, said that this money was used to order 50 sets of equipment «from our “Voentorg” commissary», which would have been ready in a week.

Material on the NTV web site:

The announcer also insists: «this man who is under guard now in a hospital was allied with the “Right Secor”» and had the objective to injure and cripple as many civil protesters as it was possible.

However, as it is revealed further, Petukhov got himself into the epicentre of the confrontation and was wounded, which seemingly caused him to overview his judgement.

The NTV video features many blatant incongruities, which makes the statements in it extremely doubtful.

At first the announcer says the «mercenary» is but «a tool in a complicated transferring scheme», but then (at 5:25 in the video) Petukhov claims this 500 thousand Euros are his personal money and he is a successful doctor in Germany. Remains unclear why such a wealthy and generous man decided to treat his wounds in such a shabby (according to the video) hospital.


Then the words about Petukhov’s German citizenship have nothing to do with reality.

It seems he decided to become a star of two Russian channels at the same time — NTV clollegues from the «Rossiia 1» TV-channel also shot a video with him, but did not mention anything about the German citizenship, five hundred thousand Euros or his allying with the «Right Sector». In their video «April 7, Andrei came to the central square to openly express his discontent with the actions of the new authorities». In addition, «Rossiia 1» video features St. George Ribbon near Petukhov’s bed.


Also in the NTV video (at 4:40) Petukhov tells about the derision from radicals, who probably failed to recognise their generous benefactor and decided to beat him up, he says he begged them for mercy and cried «nikht sheezen» in German (apparently, «don’t shoot» phrase is meant). In fact, it is pronounced «nikht sheessen» (Germ. nicht schießen). Anyone who knows German well would have never made such a mistake. Not to mention that after 22 years of living in Germany he did not seem to acquire any German accent or words order shifting habit in Russian.

At 6:25 in the NTV video, answering the question about his German citizenship, Petukhov instantly denies it, but later when then he recollects the script, he tells he has passports of four countries: «Russia, Ukraine, Germany and so on». While Ukraine and Germany do not allow double citizenship (in Germany there is a limited number of exceptions, though).

At 4:50 in the video, Petukhov says he is a surgeon, while at 7:07 claims he owns 15 geriatric clinics in Germany. Then he instantly tells that he works in Switzerland, where he makes the old people happy.

At 2:44 the victim complains about his broken leg, «it was broken when it got shot» and he needed surgery. At 4:33 he adds that he suffered «severe leg fracture with complications and so on». Apparently, NTV journalists had forgotten to inform «Rossiia 1» about this, since the latter did not include any reference to the fracture and even showed the leg. It seems «severe leg fraction with complications» should look like this:


At 3:00 Petukhov also says he is to undergo surgery on his nose, explaining this as the following: «They wanted to shoot my nose off. He aimed his pistol. I knocked it out of his hand in the last moment. I have a burn now.» Along with this at 4:15, the «German» tells that «two thugs in ski masks» were shooting him in the face, shots landing on his nose and chin. There is no more talk about knocking a pistol out of someone’s hand.

StopFake team wishes fast recovery to German citizen Andrei Petukhov and at least some creative ideas to Russian journalists.