On the 18th of Match site «Antifascist» spread the information that the so called “People’s Governor” and the leader of the Donbass people’s militia held in Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) pretrial detention centre in Kiev is in coma. The web content editor claims the information came from an anonymous source in SBU.

«Pavel Gubarev was severely beaten after the detention. He was beaten during transportation to the capital and later in SBU investigation office. Five days ago he sank into a coma. This is the exact reason why they do not allow his attorney to visit him – they fear divulgence», — stated the source.


However, Pavel’s wife Ekaterina Gubareva in her interview with LifeNews disconfirmed the information spread by «Antifascist» and Ukrainian mass media, calling it a provocation.

– I cannot communicate with him directly — only through his attorney. The day before yesterday he wasn’t hurt. The information about his beatings is false. Even during the last court session everyone could see that he is fine, — stated Ekaterina Guboreva. — This is a provocation, a cruel one, he has relatives and we all worry. This morning the attorney went to see him and we wait for information.


According to Ekaterina, there is no new information about the Pavel’s case. The last measure of restraint chosen for him was two months of arrest. Gubarev’s attorney said the arrest time might be prolonged.