Director of Ukrainian branch of the Institute of Commonwealth of Independent State (CIS) Vladimir Kornilov has appeared to find gallows and Russian-speaking Ukrainians hiding underground. According to Kornilov, “masses of Russian speaking people in Ukraine are now in hiding, some are looking for ways to escape to Russia, and Russia should help them.” Political analyst told about this during the broadcast of the “Duel” programme on Russian TV Channel 1 on February, 27.

Apart of Russian-speaking citizens hidding underground, Kornilov also appered to see… gallows in Vinnytsia. “Democracy cannot be with guns and Molotov cocktails, – said Kornilov – and in Vinnytsia they construct gallows to demonstrate “freedom” and intimidate opponents, so that everyone knows what awaits those who are against this “freedom” to speak.”

Just before the intervention in Crimea Russian website islamnews.ru described talk-show “Duel” with Vladimir Solovyov, discussing Maidan events. This internet resource is focused mainly on the Muslim population of Russia and Crimea.

According to website,  “Vinnytsia news”  people in Vinnytsja would not have known about the gallows, if it was not Vladimir Kornilov. Who is this Kornilov, who knows about the gallows in Vinnytsia more than its citizens?

Vladimir Vladimirovich Kornilov was born in July 13, 1968 in Lipetsk, Russia. He calls himself Ukrainian journalist, political analyst and journalist of Russian descent . He graduated as historian. He is former director of the Ukrainian branch of the Institute of CIS countries. This Institute is led by Zatulin, who is now director of the Center for Eurasian Studies . In 2008, Kornilov with other members of the CIS Institute publicly denied the Holodomor in Ukraine in 1932-1933. Thereafter, Security Services of Ukraine attempted to bring administrative charges against Kornilov. It was unsuccesful. On the other hand, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov awarded our “expert in Vinnytsia gallows” with Honourary sign of compatriot.

Not all of the comments under the news this lie. Here’s an example:

I’m from Vinnitsa, Ukraine, and it is – a blatant lie! About the gallows and persecution of Russian-speaking population! We have a multicultural country, and we respect all nationalities. We changed the government because it has ceased to listen to people, but this is the matter of our country, and we will solve it ourselves! Please carefully read and analyze news!”

Journalists of Vinnytsia internet resource “REAL” tried to find the gallows long and unsuccessfully. However, Vladimir Kornilov eventually said that,
he spoke not about Vinnytsia, but Cherkassy. So there! In this city after the tragic events of February 18-20 in the capital a symbolic gallows was really constructed. Portrait of Viktor Yanukovych, was nailed to it, as he is responsible for the death of people.


Confusion with cities and events can be easily attributed to the oversight of journalists. The gallows in Cherkassy obviously was not for hanging people, but to symbolise the outraged feelings towards Yanukovich. Still … When there are so many of such unilateral mistakes, you start to suspect bias …