I group: captured military personnel and machinery with military unit numbers:

Captive Russian militaries: 12 (1+9+2)

9th Motor Rifle Separate Division, Nizhny Novgorod, August 23 (1 man):


98th Division of Airborne Troops, 331st regiment, Kostroma, August 26 (9 men):


31st Airborne Separate Brigade, Ulyanovsk, August 28 (2 men):



1. Airborne combat vehicle (ACV), number 275, captured near Luhansk on August 20.

According to documents it belongs to the 1st company (or the 7th) of the 76th Airborne Troops division.

Россия 1

More photos.

The list of the company personnel (60 men):

Россия 2

One man from this list, Kichatkin L. Yu., has been recently buried in the Pskov Region.

Россия 3

2. Tank Т-72BZ, number 632, 6th Tank Separate Brigade, August 26th.


Tank crew: 8th Motor Rifle Separate Brigade, 3rd company. Tank commander – junior sergeant Goncharov, tank driver – Desiatov A.A. The tank was captured nar Ilovaysk on August 24. Documents for Berezin A.A.

Россия 4

Evidences of Colonel Yevheniy Sidorenko.

His photo with captured tank:

Россия 5

II group: noted military personnel and machinery with differential characteristics of Russian Army

1. The column of Т-72BZs, multi-purpose light-armored towing vehicle near Pidhirne, Ukraine, September 3.


2. The column in Krasnodon, September 3.

3. The column, filmed on the territory of Russia and after crossing of the border in Sukhodolske, August 17-18.

More details on the column route.

4. Two soldiers in Russian uniform near Novoazovsk, September 3, (SkyNews coverage)

III group: noted machinery that is not in service with Ukrainian army:

All family of T-72, including Т-72BZ (more then 40 tanks).

APC-82AM (One, Two, Three, Four).

Россия 6

ACV-2 modernized:

Multi-purpose light-armored towing vehicle 6MA (photo).

Missiles 95Ya6 Hermes/Pantsir (parts of a missile).

Captured Russian rocket launcher “Grad” of the 18th Motor Rifle Brigade, 06.14.2014:

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