Several Ukrainian mass media reported with reference to the correspondent of “Crimea.Realities”, that the Chairman of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatars Refat Chubarov allegedly assured that he would obtain a citizenship of Russian Federation.

This was announced with the reference to the press conference in Simferopol. In reply to journalist question whether Chubarov was going to obtain a Russian passport, the Head of the Majlis said, “I am going to live with my people. Of course.”


However, on his Facebook page Refat Chubarov personally denied the information about the intention to obtain a Russian passport.

“Being asked by Russian journalist (see video from 31minute) a question, “However, are you going to obtain a Russian passport?” I replied, “Of course I am going to live with my people.” But living with my people on our native land does not presuppose any actions required on my side for refusal from Ukrainian citizenship and obtaining a Russian passport… So I ask to calm down all of you, who took journalist’s/journalist’ inaccuracy for a sensation”, wrote Refat Chubarov.


The video from the press conference is free to watch on Youtube.

It should be mentioned that after this denial the majority of mass media corrected their mistake.