The Russian news agency RIA Novosti spread information about the record fall in U.S. President Barack Obama’s rating. 59% of Americans do not support his policies – stated the article.

The agency stressed that the dissatisfaction of the U.S. population was caused by the action of the President with regard to Russia (54%) and Ukraine (57%).

“The survey also touched on relations between Russia and the United States in the context of the events in Ukraine – the majority of respondents (54 %) disagree with the actions of Obama ” – RIA Novosti reported.

All of it is true. However, it is not all the information. The Russian news agency presented these data in such a light that it looks like Americans condemn the strict policy of Washington toward the Kremlin, while in fact the opposite is true.

Here is the original research of GfK, the company commissioned by the agency Associated Press and referenced by RIA Novosti.

“Despite the bad evaluation when effectiveness is measured, the main Obama’s tactic at this point – the use of economic sanctions on key Russian (figures) – has strong support,” – writes AP.

“Nearly 9 out of 10 Americans support sanctions as a response to the Russian annexation of the Crimean peninsula, according to a survey . More than half of them believe that the U.S. sanctions at this stage are right , while the other half was in favor of strengthening them, an Associated Press poll – GfK found. Most Democrats believe sanctions are acceptable, while most Republicans call them too weak ” – the agency said.
In addition, following the information about the majority of Americans not supporting the U.S. policy toward Ukraine and Russia, stressed by RIA Novosti, the study says:

“Almost half of the respondents expressed support for the introduction of tougher sanctions if Russia will invade new regions of other countries, with only 14% opposing it. The study supports tougher sanctions which Obama and Western allies threatened to apply if President Vladimir Putin continues his actions. They will devastate the Russian economy.”

In addition, according to the study , the greatest dissatisfaction of Americans is not caused by Obama’s foreign policy (as claimed by RIA Novosti), but his control of the state budget , immigration and the economy.

Thus, Americans do have their complaints about the president, but they do not condemn the sanctions against Russia, but support them.