Several days ago information that a Ukrainian right-radical organization «Pravyu Sector» asked military help from Doku Umarov (a Chechen separatist warlord ) appeared in the news and social networks.

First this came from a post on “Pravyu Sector” page on Vkontakte . In the post it states that many Ukrainians with weapons supported Chechen war for freedom and now its their turn to support Ukraine. It also mentions that this is their chance to win, because Russia is not as strong as it seems to be.

Ramzan Kadyrov (a head of Chechen Republic) reacted to this f=””>saying that he will punish “Pravuy Sector”

This article is about Ramzan Kadyrov writing on his Instagram account that USA recognized Doku Umarov as one of the main terrorists in the modern world, however they think Dmytro Yarosh is a good guy. He mentioned that Yarosh will be sent to the place nobody comes back from, just like Doku Umarov did and that he personally spoke to the leaders of Crimean Tatars and they are not planning to fight Russia.

Later Dmytro Yarosh (leader of “Pravuy Sector”) disproved this appeal. He said, that their Vkontakte accaunt was hacked. Moreover, this information never appeared on the “Pravuy Sector” official website.

Example of a disproved appeal is here. This article mentions “Pravyu Sector” press secretary’s words that their account was hacked and locked for half an hour and that all real news  are on their page. That appeal is not there any more. He also said that they are not going to fall for provocations and start violence, however if Russia’s occupational troops will start they are ready to fight.

StopFake considers that if they would really be appealing to Doku Umarov, they would post it on their official website as well as all other social networks, not just Vkontakte. Besides that, if “Pravuy Sector”