Recently, Russian media reported the following information, quoting ITAR –TASS, that Russia allegedly imposed a ban on the supply of fuel for nuclear power plants in Ukraine. As stated by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin at the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, ban was imposed because of the unstable situation in the country.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that the supply of fuel for Ukrainian NPPs only enough for March and April – ITAR-TASS reported . According to Rogozin , there is a separate problem of the nuclear fuel transit via Ukraine to the Russian partners in Eastern Europe. In addition , there are issues with the supply of fuel by nuclear power stations of the neighboring state itself.

“This information is absolutely untrue ,” – said in an exclusive interview  with UNIAN general representative of “Rosatom ” in Eastern Europe , Alexander Merten . According to him , the corporation “Rosatom” and all the companies that are included in it , regardless of political or other differences, have always fulfilled its obligations and conditions of the signed agreements .


“We never for a moment stopped our cooperation and collaboration with Ukrainian partners – NAEC ” Energoatom “, state concern ” Nuclear Fuel “and other enterprises. We fulfill all our commitments on nuclear fuel supplies , equipment, materials , works and services at Ukrainian NPPs as scheduled ” , – said Merten .

According to him , there was a ban on the transit of nuclear fuel through Ukraine to other countries? But there was no ban on supply. Also, this warrant is issued by the Ukranian side , not by Russian . “Back in the beginning of February we received from the Foreign Ministry a notice of the State Inspectorate for Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine to suspend the transportation of nuclear materials on the territory of Ukraine and the interim prohibition of this type of traffic. I am sure once the situation on the territory of Ukraine is back to normal, Ukraine GIYAR will lift all restrictions that it was forced to impose “- said Merten .

Based on UNIAN.