In a news release from the Russian TV channel Lifenews on March 20, 2014  the asserion was made that the leader of the “Right Sector” Dmytro Yarosh, speaking on channel “Donbass”, broadcasting in Russian language, confirmed his intention to explode oil and gas pipelines passing through Ukraine.


“Earlier, Yarosh on his social network page threatened to blow up oil and gas pipelines that pass through Ukraine. On air the radical publicly confirmed this intention, “- said the news story on Lifenews.

In reality we are talking about the statement Yarosh published on the social network Facebook, in which he talks about a possible war with the Russian Federation and the necessary actions of Ukrainians in this situation.


“Using Forces of Ukrainian patriots, we must prevent any enemy action on our territory. If a Russian soldier’s boots will trample our land, we will do everything that the occupier would pay dearly for it. We remember that Russia is making money, transporting oil and gas to the West through our tube – so we will destroy the tube, depriving the enemy of the source of funding, “- he said in a statement.

Also, it says: “We are still hopeful that a potential conflict with Russia will be solved by diplomatic means.”

As for the interview on the TV channel “Donbass”, there Dmytro Yarosh does not confirm his intention to blow up pipelines. He emphasizes that it would be possible only as a last resort in case of deployment of military action against Russia on the territory of Ukraine. This discussion begins at 9:20 of the video of interview.